Botanical Inks

Botanical Inks is an offering from Botanical + Mineral Artist/ Designer, Babs Behan - and comprises of a collection of locally sourced and naturally dyed textiles, including scarves, blankets and unique cloth. 

Botanical Inks is the only UK studio that provides non-toxic, plant-based colour and dyes for surface applications, whether it be wood, textiles, paper, yarn - any kind of 100% natural fibre. Based in Bristol, they work with paper mills in Somerset and use local wool from surrounding farms.

The work is founded on using systems which use no harmful synthetic chemicals in any stage of the growing/farming and processing (ie. fertilisers, detergents, bleach, fixatives, dyes, etc). Treats all those who are part of the supply chain and distribution network, with respect and care. This requires fair pay terms for all, and paying the true value of materials and services. Botanical Inks only work with non-toxic dye producers and fibre farmers who demonstrate high standards of land stewardship and animal husbandry.

"I always work from a clean & thoughtful ethics point of view, I create my work from the ground up. Everything comes from the earth and is biodegradable. No harmful chemicals are used in any stage, from the farming to the finished cloth and garments. When it goes back into the earth it actually provides nutrients for the soil.
We pay everyone what their skilled work deserves. We are really passionate about enriching and supporting local communities and preserving British heritage through using traditional techniques."

Being heavily inspired by the world around her, Babs believes that being immersed in nature is deeply restorative and grounding - often sleeping outside in the woods near her studio to gain a different perspective and help to re-centre herself. Influenced by plants and their medicinal properties, Babs refers to them as beings that she shares intimate relations with - learning and understanding the differences each plant holds, with aspects of life, love and healing being prominent throughout.

The scarves are 100% biodegradable and can safely be given back to the soil at the end of their useful life cycle, as biological nutrients. This system provides vital financial revenue to local artisan producers which reflects the true cost and value of their work; Keeps the land “in Good Heart” and offers a high standard of animal welfare. A system of mutual respect and solidarity for people, animals and the environment.


"By using regenerative, biological materials, which are safe to farm, use and put back into the earth after their useful life-cycle, we offer an alternative to current trend for petrochemical-derived textiles and creative practices.
We bring awareness to the journey of the things we create and bring into our lives. Moving away from petrochemical based consumerist culture, towards a slower, more appreciative and respectful way of being on the earth. Living with Nature and with respect for her limitations
Natural dyeing is a beautiful medium for connecting with nature through the materials we wear and use. Slowing down to be in relationship with the plants and our environment, we can come back into connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world."