HERVÉ by Céline Marie

Céline Marie, originally from Germany with French roots, is a passionate couture lingerie designer with the dedication for perfection based in Amsterdam.

Her label HERVÉ by Céline Marie is an interdisciplinary couture lingerie brand merging 3d technology with traditional handcrafting techniques. The mission of HERVÉ is to design lingerie worn to be seen for all women. Through its interdisciplinary approach, Hervé also offers full customisation to cater for women who suffer from unevenly sized breasts - re-establishing their confidence and empowering their uniqueness.

The brand highly values an ethical material choice and production cycle. Reclaimed laces, organic bamboo cotton and surplus lingerie componentry build the foundation of each collection. All pieces are locally hand crafted and shipped in recycled black signature boxes, beautifully gift wrapped in biodegradable tissue paper and ribbon, re-defining luxury as ethical awareness. 

The mission is to design lingerie worn to be seen for all women. Through the interdisciplinary approach and made to measure focus, her aim is to re-establish women’s’ confidence and empower their uniqueness. What deeply guided the direction of HERVÉ was the wonderful moment of empowerment experienced by an inspirational friend, warrior mum and breast cancer survivor. The mission is to share what she was able to experience: a deeply emotional connection with her inner self, simply through putting on a beautifully handcrafted set of lingerie. The brand highly values an ethical material choice and production cycle. Sustainably sourced textiles from certified local suppliers and in-house manufacturing build the foundation of each collection, re-defining luxury as ethical awareness.

The traditional French name of Breton origin Hervé derived from the designers French roots, her mother’s maiden name. It symbolises her personal continuation of her family heritage and deeply embedded interest in the French Savoir-Faire. The names’ history reveals that Hervé symbolises strength and fierceness. It is known to be the equivalent for warrior which refers back to the very essence of the brand, empowering the uniqueness and inner strength of women.



'At HERVÉ, we like to redefine luxury as being sustainable. We truly believe that sustainability is no longer a choice but the fundamental responsibility of every fashion house. Each decision we make carries the aim to create stunningly beautiful pieces that fit the world we live in, now and in the future. We are committed to providing full visibility of our actions, no compromises.'
  • Every piece is hand made in our atelier in Amsterdam to ensure a high quality end product and avoid overproduction. Our small scale local production eliminates unneeded products and reduces emissions and energy usage.
  • Our samples use 100% recycled bra components, including hardware, wires, hook & eye fastening, boning and bra straps. Those are being constantly reused for new samples to avoid wasting unnecessary materials.
  • We believe that the most sustainable solution to material sourcing is to utilise fabrics that already exist. Therefore, we are very proud to obtain a variety of lingerie fabrics from local design houses which otherwise would have gone to waste.
  • We work with certified Dutch and German suppliers providing us with eco-friendly peace silk. The fabric involves non-violent silk breeding and harvesting, allowing the silkworm to blossom into a butterfly and take its natural course. No chemical included. 
  • We eliminated unnecessary manufacturing chain emissions and energy waste. Every creation - from fitting sample, press piece to final order - is born in our atelier and delivered directly to our customers. No off-shore manufacturing involved. 
  • All our briefs and bodies use antibacterial certified bamboo cotton, made from the bamboo fibres. The eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to jersey is not only as soft as silk, breathable and the most sustainable material to use.