Pearls & Swine

Pearls & Swine is a bespoke made to order Millinery business based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England. The owner, Bink Neptune, has been in the Millinery business for over 10 years - creating one of a kind Hats, Sunglasses and other accessories to be worn by fascinating people in the fashion world.

The delicate designs hold many different forms of grandeur, the intricate details mixed with bold colours and shapes allow for the most eccentric pieces. These unique creations have been in high demand, with both Hats and Sunglasses being created for commissions to customers and fashion brands alike at the highest standard.

Handmade in her basement at home, Bink is a self taught Milliner - developing skills over the years to grow her business to become a big name in bespoke headwear and accessories in the UK. 

Bink Says: "I live in a constant state of inspiration so I literally have no time for anything else apart from being a full-time hat-maker. I generally work 7 days a week from morning to night. My hats and fascinators are inspired by surreal art, colour, culture, religion (though I am not religious), glitter, flowers, insects, animals, icons like Frida Kahlo, movies, vintage millinery... the inspiration list is endless!

For me millinery is like reading the best book you have ever read and there is a real pleasure in not knowing the end of the story until you get there. I love just flowing with my materials, my hats just seem to make themselves as if by magic, I try not to get in the way or overthink where the hat is going, it becomes what it wants to be. "

Selling to customers all over the world, there are many different occasions Bink has created bespoke for a number of different reasons and purposes, some for everyday life and some even for Television.

"I have made all sorts of headpieces for all sorts of people: brides, burlesque performers, ladies who attend the races, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids, drag queens. Some buy directly from my website and others ask for a bespoke hat or fascinator. I am constantly creating new headwear, I just can't stop myself!"

Being a leader in her field in this country, Pearls & Swine hats are often seen in the press; with publications such as Vogue Italia, The Yorkshire Post and The Guardian all writing pieces about the headwear that has been catching people's eyes!