47Ronin 浪人 Watchstraps

47Ronin浪人 Watch Straps are designed & handcrafted piece by piece with exotic materials from Japan, such as leather, Kimono fabric, Japanese print, and interesting materials from various parts of Japan.

Each watch strap is designed and handcrafted by Tong, a Singaporean business consultant turned craftsman, who also has a very special relationship with Japan.

Starting out as a business advisor in Singapore and South-East Asia, Tong has developed his skills and mastered his craft in the watch industry over an extended period of time. With his pieces being considered works of art, the vast amount of consideration given to the watch straps are a reflection of this comparison.

Based off a historical true story from over 300 years ago in Japan. A Ronin is a free roaming Samurai without a master. 47 Ronins showed great courage and loyalty by taking revenge for the injustice execution of their late master Daimyo. Their Samurai spirit or Bushido is well remembered and celebrated by the Japanese. 

Like Samurai without a master, Tong believes we are all Ronins, who do not follow the status quo, but lead a life according to our own philosophy. We believe others may not understand us, neither do we need their understanding. But as long as we stay true to our beliefs and work towards our vision, we are here to “make a dent in the universe”.

In order to build the most sustainable products for the market, they source the materials in order to produce the best quality product that will last for a long time. Striving to be sustainable by introducing an up-cycling program for the watch straps. This will not only save Earth’s resources but also preserve the unique watch straps, and give the materials a new life.

Here is a list of various materials 47Ronin浪人 uses to create the hand-made and bespoke watch straps; Full grain calf leather, Crocodile skin, Snake skin, Kimono fabric, Tatami, Washi (Japanese paper) & Bamboo.

One of the aspects of Japan Tong admires is the craftsman’s spirit that has been passed down for generations and well preserved until today. The craftsman’s philosophy in providing the best quality for the customers, and continuously polishing one’s skill to be respected and admired in the search for perfection.

However, due to decrease in domestic demand and absence of a younger generation taking up the trade, traditional crafts such as these are fast disappearing.

Through decades of training and practice, Tong has come to realise that profits are not the most important aspect of his watch strap making business. With the dedication to his craft and strive for perfection being the crucial element, this allows for competent products to be produced which are not only of the highest quality but also allow for a reflection of the artist through their work.

From analogue mechanical watches to wearable technologies, 47Ronin believe that their watch strap designs give you your own fashion statement. 

"We don't compliment our timepiece, we are a stand-alone fashion icon"