This a fascinating delve into a business that creates, empowers and promotes that Men should be able to wear exactly what they want.

Moot Lingerie is the brainchild of a car mechanic called Julian Parker and his close friend Anna Kilpatrick. 

Together they are positioning a lifestyle Brand enriched by superbly high levels of customer service. Moot Lingerie is already starting to enjoy the results from developing a strong sense of community and real understanding of their customers needs and requirements.

Take a listen to the episode and you'll very quickly appreciate the simplicity of what they are trying to achieve and to Anna's point "Whatever you're doing is much more important than the knickers, you are wearing".

For reference to a conversation within the show, Nora Batty is a fictional character in the world's longest-running sitcom, Last of the Summer Wine.

Nora became a British icon and National treasure, recognised by her wrinkled stockings, pinny and distinctive style of hair curlers. 

Incredibly, she appeared in 245 of the 295 episodes (everybody loved Nora Batty).

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